Omni - Acoustic speaker

Nac Sound Omni - Acoustic speaker
Omni - Acoustic speaker
Omni - Acoustic speaker
Omni - Acoustic speaker

Omni - Acoustic speaker

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One of the products intended for use in a hi-fi system or in a home theater is Omni, a two-way speaker system in a ceramic casing finished according to customer wishes. The Omni is designed to be hung from the ceiling on a steel wire, but an optional support is available. The top half of the casing is a tapered round tube that houses a 14 cm woofer. The bottom is bowl-shaped and supports a dome tweeter with ignition hidden under a perforated metal cover. Three metal rods serve to connect the two parts and hold them at a distance of 13.9 cm. These rods also contain a double hardwood sound reflector that bends the sound waves on a horizontal plane. This creates a sound field around the speaker in all directions. It is intended for indoor use, but an outdoor version is also available. The Omni works just like a normal speaker with a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms and a sensitivity of 86 dB.

Finish : Cromata



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