Syro - Sehpa 3 - 48 x 56 cm

De Castellı Syro - Coffee table 3 - 48 x 56 cm
Syro - Sehpa 3 - 48 x 56 cm
Syro - Sehpa 3 - 48 x 56 cm
Syro - Sehpa 3 - 48 x 56 cm

Syro - Sehpa 3 - 48 x 56 cm

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It is a triptych of small tables with an organic shape, supported by a slender metal rod structure and characterised by graphisms engraved in the sheet metal. It is a combination of fluid forms, almost primitive signs, material combinations and colour variations: iron, brass and copper are repeatedly mixed with shapes inspired by the circles that branch out in the water, the flow of the current and the rippling of the waves. The crosspieces connecting the structure, positioned at the same height from the ground, form a natural weave, like branches of a single plant, in a fluid and balanced composition.

Dimensions: 48 x 56 x H.45 cm

Floor: Delabre copper



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