Arco Led - Lambader

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Flos Arco Led - Floor lamp
Arco Led - Lambader
Arco Led - Lambader
Arco Led - Lambader

Arco Led - Lambader

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Made in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. An ingenious lamp, one of the most imitated icons in the history of design, Arco has stimulated the most diverse interpretations. An experiment that Flos immediately believed in without hesitation, thus creating an all-time “classic”. This visionary project, a concentrate of ingenuity, simplicity and perfection, was born from the need to create a pendant lamp that would project light onto the table without having to make holes in the ceiling.
The heavy marble base is nothing more than a counterweight to support the large metal arch, inspired by a street lamp. And the hole, drilled in the base’s centre of gravity, was not intended as a decoration but as a device to lift the base easily, for example by inserting a broomstick.
On the occasion of the lamp’s fiftieth birthday – coinciding with the company’s fiftieth anniversary – Flos paid tribute to its most well-known icon worldwide, presenting it in a new LED version alongside the classic model.

Dimensions: 32 x 220 x 240 cm

Base: Carrara marble
Stelo: Acciaio inox satinato



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