Flair - Sandalye

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Flair - Sandalye
Flair - Sandalye
Flair - Sandalye
Flair - Sandalye

Flair - Sandalye

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Flair O’ is a small household throne, a chair that is an ideal complement to the Allure O’ table. The interaction between the two objects starts from the base that, also for the small chair, has the form of a truncated pyramid with rounded corners, reconciling elegance, essentiality and charm. Dropping down towards the floor, the base widens almost imperceptibly at the back, a feature that provides great stability without interfering with the harmony of the design. To ensure the necessary comfort, Flair O’ has a padded seat. In addition, the inclination of the backrest and its wrap-around silhouette promote relaxation, while providing the ideal posture for elegant interaction around a table. To enjoy conviviality to the fullest, the base is swivelling and equipped with an automatic return mechanism. The fabric upholstery embraces Flair O’ like a tailor-made suit, covering it entirely from the seat down to the base.

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x H.73 cm

Coating: Este mattone



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