Abaca 170x230 cm

Limited Edition SKU: TZ28877
Abaca 170x230 cm
Abaca 170x230 cm
Abaca 170x230 cm
Abaca 170x230 cm

Abaca 170x230 cm

Limited Edition SKU: TZ28877
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The Abaca plant, ‘Musa Textilis’, is related to the banana tree family, native to the Philippines. The fibre was originally used for making ropes. Our ‘Abaca’ carpets are hand-woven, naturally durable and glossy.

For more than 30 years, Limited Edition has been supplying bespoke rugs to the project market for hospitality, luxury retail, offices, public spaces and residential interiors.

Fashion for floors
Limited Edition joins heritage, innovation and a keen eye for design. Combining age-old craftsmanship with modern technique and style, we deliver high-quality rugs. All products are made in Belgium, which delivers a superior quality and an impeccable service. This means all rugs are made on demand and can be personalized in colour, shape and size. Our passion for fibers, love of colours and respect for craftsmanship make Limited Edition rugs stand out in one single glance.

Composition & Production

  • Hand-stitched
  • 100% abaca
  • Available in rugs only
  • Residential use

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All the products from Decurateur are original and they are covered by warranty.

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