Mex - Sehpa 2 - 72 cm

Cassına Mex - Coffee table 2 - 72 cm
Mex - Sehpa 2 - 72 cm
Mex - Sehpa 2 - 72 cm
Mex - Sehpa 2 - 72 cm
Mex - Sehpa 2 - 72 cm

Mex - Sehpa 2 - 72 cm

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The upholstered parts are bordered by the wooden sides and back that form a kind of visible shell. This structural concept allows the sofa to be joined along the sides and back by small service furniture that complements it. For these storage and support elements, the designer chose thick wood, the same as the structural parts of the sofa and the other pieces that make up the family. The same wood is, in fact, used for the bookcase, which has shelves placed at a fixed height, bordered at the back by a backrest, and connected at the front by a single upright. The proportions are elegant and the thickness of the shelves and uprights are reminiscent of the standard thickness of a book. The programme is completed by low glass coffee tables with a white or black painted base, which are arranged in compartments like the furniture on the side of the sofa.

Dimensions: 72 x 72 x H.24 cm

Base: White painted
Floor: Transparent glass



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