The Tajine - Pot

Knındustrıe The Tajine - Pot
The Tajine - Pot
The Tajine - Pot

The Tajine - Pot

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Tajine is a pot designed by the brand KnIndustrie from the ancient tradition. Traditionally made of ceramic, the Tajine is a particular pot formed by two bodies: the actual container, to hold the food, and the lid in the shape of a pronounced cone, to facilitate the return of the condensation water inside the food being cooked, keeping it soft and rich in flavor and aromas. The flame is kept low for long cooking times: the non-stick aluminium, brown head colour, is suitable for this purpose. To lift the cover provides excellent grip without overheating, a polyester rope ring, raw color. Made of aluminum and teflon. Dimensions: Ø 30 cm


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