Zofa Loungechair XXL

DEDON SKU: 038009-080
Dedon Zofa Loungechair XXL
Dedon Zofa Loungechair XXL

Zofa Loungechair XXL

DEDON SKU: 038009-080
Fiyat 5.475,00 İndirili fiyat 3.558,00 35% indirim
KDV dahil.
  • Orjinal Ürün
  • Mimari Destek
  • Stokta yalnızca 4 ürün var
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Good Design Award 2008
Zofa is the interplay and unity of its elements. Composed in a straightforward modular system, elements may be removed , modified, and added without jeopardising the harmony of the whole- the reduced colours and shapes generate a skyline that is newly created every time.

With ZOFA, designer Harry-Paul demonstrates the juxtaposition of art and function. The result is a collection of urban identity, embodied by modularity and floating seats. An exciting sense of effortlessness that surrounds us day after day.

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